LUNCH SPECIALS 12 noon- 4pm
Greek/ Romaine lettuce/ tomato/cucumber/onion/pepper/Kalamata olives/grape leave/pepperoncini/feta
Small – 7.5 large- 10.
Caesar/ crispy romaine/Romano Cheese/Croutons/homemade dressing. – 9
Mazi Burrata /baby arugula/ DiParma prosciutto/roasted tomato/avocado/balsamic vinaigrette. – 12.5
Greco Peco / grilled red & black beans/ onions & red peppers/ feta & cheddar/hot sauce over romaine – 9
Country Greek/tomato/cucumbers/red onion/ peppers/Kalamata olives/ imported sheep’s milk feta -11.5
Panzanella/ tomato/cucumber/red onion/Cerignola Green olives/fresh basil/fresh mozzarella – 10.5
Dressings- Creamy Greek – x virgin olive oil & vinegar- balsamic vinaigrette
Toppings- lamb -chicken -pork gyro- 4 grilled chicken breast- 5 grilled jumbo shrimp- 8 falafel -4

Mazi Grilled Cheese/ thick sliced grilled sourdough bread with American & Cheddar cheese /tomato/ bacon/ cole slaw, pickle -7.5
Flank Steak Sandwich /grilled sliced steak on grilled sourdough bread/caramelized onion/arugula/ Swiss/horseradish aioli /cole slaw & pickle – 13.5
Jumbo Chicken Tenders/ panko crusted served with honey mustard & bbq sauce /cole slaw & pickle – 7.5
Owb Burger/fresh ground in house with a blend of short rib, sirloin & brisket/ Cole slaw & pickle – 9.5
Fresh Local Flounder/ lightly fried served on a toasted club roll with lettuce & tomato/Cole Slaw & pickle- 10.5
Veggie Sandwich/ on a toasted club roll with Grilled Portobello mushroom/eggplant/caramelized onions/ roasted pepper/ fresh mozzarella/ basil aioli – 10.5
Tuscan Chicken Burger/served with lettuce/tomato/onion/basil aioli/cole slaw & pickle – 9.5
Chicken Burrito /grilled chicken//romaine/ bacon/ tomato/ avocado/ chimichurri sauce- 9.5
Greco Peco Burrito/ lettuce /grilled /red,& black beans /red pepper/onion/cheddar & feta /hot sauce -9.5
Chicken Souvlaki/ grilled chicken on a skewer, served with grilled vegetables, tzatziki sauce & pita -11.5
For all above sandwiches add -3 for choice of French fries rice or a field greens salad
French fries-5 seasoned rice – 6 grilled vegetables-7 onion rings-6.5 pita -1 tzatziki -1 X virgin olive oil & vinegar-1 grilled asparagus-7 garlic seared broccoli- 6 roasted potato- 5