Tapas/Small Plates/Dinner

Mediterranean Meatballs/San Marzano Sauce/ Romano Cheese/Ricotta fresh basil & arugula . -10.5
Mazi Chicken Meat Balls /homemade chicken meatballs/roasted peppers/ basil aioli/grilled bread – 8.5
Mazi Seasoned Lamb Meatballs /homemade tomato jam/ tzatziki sauce /grilled bread -9.5
Cheese Garlic Bread/ olive oil & oregano fresh mozzarella melted on and marinara to dip- 6.5
Grilled Haloumi Cheese /X virgin olive oil /fresh basil/tomato/ roasted peppers/grilled bread -7.5
Imported Sheep’s Milk Feta/ extra virgin olive oil/Kalamata olives/ grilled bread – 7.5
Jumbo Homemade Fresh Mozzarella Fritters / served with marinara sauce & basil aioli . – 9.5
GreekAmole /fresh guacamole blended with feta /fresh chips- 9.5 with jumbo shrimp -16.5
Panko crusted Crab Fritters/lime aioli / orange ginger slaw.-10 .5
Fresh Local Fried Calamari/roasted pepper & pepperoncini/marinara sauce. 10.5
Mazi Grilled Calamari / herbs/olive oil & lemon/arugula – 16.5
Mazi Avocado Shrimp/ grilled Jumbo gulf shrimp/ avocado mousse / orange ginger slaw/chips- 12.5
Bang Bang shrimp/ fried Gulf shrimp in our bang sauce .- 12.5
Thai chili shrimp/ jumbo Gulf shrimp in a Thai chili sauce/ verde chili aioli/seaweed salad. -13.5
Mazi Ahi Tuna / fresh tuna, seared rare/ cucumber/wasabi tzatziki/avocado/seaweed salad – 13.5
Sushi Grade Octopus/char grilled /Arugula /olive oil ,balsamic dressing -19.5
Gyro Flights ,a taste of all 3 gyro meats wrapped in pita & served with tzatziki yogurt sauce- 15.5
Skewer flights/1 chicken & 1pork grilled on a skewer served with tzatziki & pita 11.5
Grilled baby Lamb Chops /roasted potato/arugula- 16.5
Homemade Country Style Spinach Pie. -7
falafel Fritters served with a green chili & tzatziki dipping sauces -8
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms/ served with fresh chimichurri avocado sauce- 8.5
Grilled Artichokes/ served with Hollandaise sauce & pecorino Romano /grilled bread.- 11.5
Cold Dip Sampler/Hummus /smoked eggplant/jalapeno feta/grape leaves/cukes/olives/tomato/pita.-16.5
Individual dips- 6
Lamb Gyro-9 Pork Gyro -9 l Chicken Gyro or Grilled Chicken pita-9 Falafel Pita- 8.5
All above served with Greek yogurt tzatziki //tomato & white onion

O.W.B /fresh ground in house with an old world blend of short rib, sirloin & brisket/served with French fries/onion rings/homemade cole slaw & pickle – 14.5
Toppings- American/ cheddar/ Swiss/ Muenster /Provolone /ghost pepper cheddar/smoke gouda – 1.5 avocado -2 caramelized onions- 1 Portobello Mushroom -2 apple wood bacon -2 chipotle or green chili aioli-.50.

Greek Salad / lettuce/ tomato/cucumber/onion/pepper/authentic Kalamata olives/grape leaves/pepperoncini/ . Feta Sm-. 8.5 lg- 11.5 choice of Creamy Greek , x virgin olive oil vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette
Caesar Salad/crispy romaine /Romano cheese/ homemade croutons/homemade dressing -9.5
Country Greek /the original Greek salad- tomato/cucumber/ cubanelle pepper/red onion /authentic Kalamata
Olives /Imported sheep’s milk feta/grilled bread. – 12.5
Panzanella Salad /tomato /cucumber/red onion /Cerignola olives/ fresh basil/ fresh mozzarella
X virgin olive oil , balsamic vinegar/grilled bread. – 12.5
Mazi Burrata Salad/ baby arugula/prosciutto /roasted tomato/avocado/balsamic vinaigrette – 12.5
Grilled Greek/ grilled romaine lettuce/grilled olives/ grilled onions & peppers/grilled tomatoes /feta – 11.5
toppings for our salads – lamb gyro -5 pork gyro- 5 chicken gyro-5 chicken breast-5 grilled jumbo shrimp -8

Choose One / Lamb/Chicken/Pork/ served with Greek salad/ rice or Fries/ Pita & Tzatziki Sauce – 17.5
Falafel platter/served with grilled vegetables /rice pita & tzatziki sauce -17


all pasta dishes are prepared with fresh pasta shrimp dishes prepared with wild caught Gulf shrimp
Grilled Chicken Kebab / grilled vegetables/ choice of seasoned rice, French fries or roasted potato – 17.5
Grilled Shrimp Kebab – Jumbo Grilled Shrimp/grilled vegetables over rice – 21.5
Chicken Lemonato /thin sliced sautéed chicken breast in a fresh lemon & caper sauce/fettucine- 18.5
Shrimp Carbonara/sautéed jumbo shrimp/pancetta / cream sauce/fettuccine – 21.5
Primavera Fettuccine/sautéed fresh vegetables in x virgin olive oil & garlic – 17.5
Garlic herbed French Fries -4 Seasoned Rice – 6 Mixed Grilled Vegetables- 7 Onion Rings 7 Side Pasta -7 Pita -1
Grilled Asparagus-7 Garlic Seared Broccoli -6 Tzatziki – 1.5 Dressing – .50 Roasted Potato –6

Please note that some substitutions may require an up charge on your meal. kindly consult your server. * Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a certain medical condition. *